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Alejandro Lo Celso

Type design: Tensions between dualities. And how to relax.

This talk aims at exploring some tensions that consciously or unconsciously underlie the type designer’s activity, such as: Ideal or real, continuous or discrete, neutral or expressive, traditional or innovative, and the like. The presentation will be properly sprinkled with a selection of letterforms images from both history and our times, including Alejandro’s personal views as well as his own work as type designer. Hopefully it all will be sprinkled with a woody wine too.


Info & type designer, author, and teacher born in Córdoba, Argentina. He acted as an art director at magazines and newspapers before he graduated with distinction from the MA in type design, University of Reading (UK), and from the ANRT, Atelier National de Recherche Typographique in Nancy, France. He has given workshops and lectured extensively on type, lettering, and letterform history throughout Latin America and Europe. In 2001 he founded PampaType, the first font foundry from Argentina, whose typefaces have been globally prized for its originality. Alejandro currently teaches at the Master in Typography, University of Buenos Aires, and lives with his partner and their two children in a hilly forest near Córdoba.