İstanbul Type Seminars

A lecture and workshop series devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey.

June 13–16, 2013


June 15, 17:45

Sign Painters
A Documentary by Faythe Levine
and Sam Macon

Pre Event

May 07, 18:00

Alejandro Paul
Establishing a Niche in Type Design


June 13–14, 2013

Robert Bringhurst
The Shape of Thought, the Shape of Vision
Jan Middendorp
The Stroke, Gerrit Noordzij and Contemporary …
Erik van Blokland
Tools and Eyes
Luc(as) de Groot
On Hinting
Akira Kobayashi
Rounded Sans in Japan
İrvin Cemil Schick
The Content of Form
Mirjam Somers
Continuing Cascading Arabic
Yves Peters
From Metal Scripts to Digital Writing
Rainer Scheichelbauer
High Speed Stroke-based Type Design


June 13–16, 2013

Savaş Çevik
Ottoman Calligraphy (Hat) Workshop
Massimo Polello
The Origin of the Serif
Rainer Scheichelbauer
Introduction to Type Design with
Erik van Blokland
Introduction to TypeCooker
Thomas Milo
& Mirjam Somers
DecoType Templates



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