Rainer Scheichelbauer

High Speed Stroke-based Type Design

June 14, Friday 17:45SALT Galata

Live on stage, Rainer will attempt to design a light sans from scratch, based on a single skeleton stroke. He probably will not be able to finish everything but he will work as quickly as possible in order to get as far as possible. This way, Rainer will try to take away your fear of starting your first type project. Lean back and enjoy, and afterwards, hurry up and design type!

About Rainer Scheichelbauer

Rainer Erich (‘Eric’) Scheichelbauer was born in Vienna, Austria, and designs typefaces, works for other type designers, teaches type design and typography at a graphic art school, holds type design workshops, writes articles for a design magazine, writes Python scripts, translates Dutch books on typography into German and writes the glyphsapp.com blog and the Glyphs handbook. Eric recently completed both a philosophy and a Dutch studies degree. He shares his time between Vienna and Rotterdam.