Esen Karol

An Editorial Designer’s Experience with Fonts

June 10, Saturday 10:30 – SALT Galata

Esen has been working on various editorial projects since the beginning of 90’s: various kinds of newspaper supplements, several magazines for different publishers, a lot of books, booklets, catalogs for cultural institutions/individuals and a dictionary of cooking terms. Apart from working on a number of redesigns, she also designed a national newspaper from scratch.

The beginning of her professional life coincides with the proliferation of digital typesetting/type-design and Istanbul becoming a global city. With her presentation, she will be sharing her own stories, related to working with bilingual publications, problems with diacritics, issues of font licensing, and personal font preferences in a loud culture, where reading isn’t liked much.

About Karol

Esen Karol graduated from MSU, Istanbul and received her master’s in communications design from Pratt Institute, NY, where she studied with Fulbright. Her first solo poster exhibition “48 × 68” took place at Pratt Manhattan, where she was a visiting lecturer in spring 2002. She taught typography and publication design at Istanbul Bilgi University, in 2003–2012. Two of the books, that she has designed for Arter, were voted as one of the 50 best designed books of the year in 2013 and 2014 in “50 Books | 50 Covers” competition by AIGA + DO. She works in her one-person design studio, concentrating on “Manifold”, an electronic journal, online since July 2016.