Photography by
Robert Gojevic

Nikola Djurek

Written vs. Spoken

June 10, Saturday 16:00 – SALT Galata

Identitet (Croatian for identity) is a system of scripts designed to work together as a unified whole. The thickness of lines, x-height, upper case height and other elements have been carefully studied and defined to achieve stylistic and visual harmony in fonts based on vastly differing scripts. The scripts which form Identitet are: angular Glagolitic, round Glagolitic, Croatian Cyrillic, Cyrillic, Arebica and latin script. Languages of this region share a common phonetic structure, which each of these scripts complements well.

About Djurek

Nikola Djurek was born in Zabok, Croatia and studied in Croatia, Italy and in The Netherlands in the postgraduate master course Type and Media in Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After he earned his Ph.D. degree in the graphic and type design fields and now teaches at Art Academy (DVK), University of Split and University of Zagreb. Additionally, Nikola is the Croatian country delegate for Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), the organization of the international type community. Nikola works at Typotheque together with Peter and Johanna Biľak.