Naïma Ben Ayed

Gravitating around

June 14, Friday 12:30 – SALT Galata

We can approach the presentation of design projects through many angles; such as the brief, the process or the output. In the context of this talk, we will look at what glues every stage together; the methodology. Methodology forms the organising principles of a design philosophy. Methodology and design philosophy are the transversal ax(i)es around which everything is gravitating. It constitutes the mechanics that make the work we do relevant. It activates and challenges our creativity whilst bringing joy in the process. By looking at a selection of past and current work, we will look at the core of how a design practice structures itself.


Naïma Ben Ayed is a London based independent type and graphic designer. She received her MA1 in type design from Estienne school (Paris, France) in 2009 and collaborated with different multidisciplinary structures. She worked at Dalton Maag type foundry (London) from 2012 to 2018; leading major corporate projects, designing both Arabic and Latin fonts. She notably designed Intel Clear Arabic; awarded first prize in Arabic typefaces category at Granshan competition in 2014. She runs workshops at Esav Marrakech (Morocco) and Tumo center in both Yerevan (Armenia) and Paris (France).

Instagram: @naimabenayedbureau