Peter Biľak

The Idea of Progress

June 15, Saturday 10:30 – SALT Galata

Type Design exists on the intersection of Technology, Design and Language, and in his lecture Peter Biľak will show examples how type designers have reacted to the technological restriction in the past, and how they push the boundaries to advance technology today. Peter’s company Typotheque has been the first one to introduce the concept of webfonts, and has sought more direct connections with the font users. As the world is increasanly more interconnected, he will also talk about the trends of designing typefaces with extensive language supports for the world-wide use.


Peter Biľak works in the field of editorial, graphic, and type design. In 1999 he started Typotheque type foundry, in 2000, together with Stuart Bailey he co-founded art & design journal Dot Dot Dot, in 2012 he started Works That Work, a magazine of unexpected creativity, in 2015 together with Andrej Krátky he co-founded, a font rental platform. Peter is teaching at the Type & Media, postgraduate course at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.