Radek Sidun

Type design and typography studio in Prague

June 15, Saturday 15:30 – SALT Galata

Czech type design has always been closely linked to the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design and to the Type design and typography studio, which was created later. We try to continue in the tradition of teaching type design itself and to assigning complex analytical tasks. The presentation will show our research projects including a look at the best selling fonts, fonts in use on new Czech banknotes and also the, currently very popular, variable fonts in motion.


Radek Sidun devotes himself primarily to fonts and typography. His graduation thesis at the UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design dealt with the issue of diacritics in world languages. As a result, he is a sought-after consultant to font designers and type foundries world over. He’s serving as a pedagogue at the Type Design and Typography studio of the UMPRUM Academy in Prague. Together with Tomáš Brousil he founded Briefcase Type Foundry in 2012. He is also a member of editorial and design team of the TYPO9010 book. He has received several awards for his various projects.