Taner Ardalı


June 15, Saturday 12:30 – SALT Galata

What is a font, a typeface? Is it art? design? or an unique technique? Actually when it comes to explain, i don’t know neither. I just try to explain how to do it and how we read it. From curves to letters, from letters to sounds. “Type” as a communication tool amazes me from the beginning of my career and i’m still trying to understand its impact in my journey. Now, i will try to share my experiences about that design tool as a graphic designer and also a typeface designer.


Taner Ardalı, Turkish graphic and type designer who was born in Bulgaria. After he graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts he started his career as an art director. He has worked for variety of local and international clients in some of the biggest agencies in İstanbul. Meanwhile in 2010 his first typeface “Iogen” was accepted to Linotype library and after that he has created many retail and non retail typefaces. Recently he is designing for his own clients, furthermore he is creating typefaces with deep passion for the letterforms.