Miriam Surányi

Start Your First Font in Glyphs

June 16, Sunday 10:00 — 17:00 / SALT Galata 1st Floor Workshop Rooms

In this introduction to Latin type design, attendees will sketch and digitize a lowercase n, then proceed to draw a few letters more. You will also learn how to reuse the shapes you have already drawn for creating diacritic letters, and how to create an alternate letter variant.


Miriam Surányi is a Type Designer and Producer working in Vienna for Schriftlabor and Glyphs. In several workshops she has shared her knowledge on Typedesign. She graduated from the viennese Design School Graphische with an emphasis on Typography and since then has been working in a Team with Lisa Schultz and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer developing Custom Type, Retail Fonts and Type Production.

Each workshop is limited to a maximum of 15attendees.