ISTYPE2011 - The Overview

We are pleased to announce the success of this year's ISType event. The applied workshops and lectures were attended by students and professionals alike. Everybody had fun and a first class learning experience. An experimental workshop in various calligraphic tools was given by Brody Neuenschwander; attendees had the opportunity to explore rhythm in writing, using both regular pens and found objects. In a workshop and lecture given by James Clough, participants investigated the architecture of the Roman letter. His lecture insightfully discussed the multitude of street and shop signs in Italy. Ewan Clayton's workshop encompassed the evolution of the Latin letterform with a focus on expressive letter-making. Alessandro Segalini introduced the principles of digitizing type up to editing outlines in FontLab, and stressed the significance of the human mind as the most important operating system. Following Segalini, Onur Yazicigil presented his experimental "Text Invader" technique OpenType programming, which is used to create graffiti-like interferences on any default operating system fonts. Two lecturers were also invited to speak about current issues in design. Petr van Blokland's "Designer Update" focused on the current and near future goals of the designer, which exponentially change according to technology - to give a quote, "unique info exists only once." Lastly, Karel van der Waarde presented his research about the current EU regulations for the formats of medicine inserts, and discussed the importance for the designer and the student to ask questions and to explore one's surrounding for design issues. The success of this year's event will certainly fuel us for the planning of ISType 2012. We would like to thank: our guests for sharing their ideas and work with all of us; our attendees for their participation and enthusiasm in the typographic field; and our friends and sponsors in particular, Sabanci University, for their never-ending support. Check the website soon as we begin to prepare for next year.