Hop, Skip, Jump & Design Type!

Smeijers’ lecture will introduce the audience to his ever-changing practices and approaches to designing type over the last thirty years. How photographs were replaced by copy machines, how a laser printers speeded up type design much more than mobile phones and e-mail together, and why graphic design is still the most important ‘friend’ of type design.

Nowadays, type design can be taught better than ever before, but leading a life as a type designer is something completely different and cannot be taught, nor copied. Smeijers will speak about why it is important to step out of the box and why his best works were self-initiated rather than commissioned.

And did he, or not, plan this all?

Keywords: approach, attitude, moral, enterpreneurship, not-making-the-same-mistake-twice.


Event Details

Date: 15 June, 2012
Time: 16:30–17:00

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