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The Giant Leap

Until a couple of decades ago, typography was almost exclusively viewed in terms of printed work: books, magazines, posters, brochures. So-called new media have ...

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Enriched Typography Using OpenType Features

Grapic designers and multimedia professionals have long recognized the advantages of OpenType as a modern font file format. It’s cross-platform compatible, supports a vast ...

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How a Chance Discovery Inspired the Development of Arabic Technology

An arzuhal or petition to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire dated 1283 a.h. (1865-66 a.d.) came in my possession in 1983. With this ...

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Taming the Beast

To design a typeface that is functional and has all the necessary aesthetic qualities requires skill and effort on part of the designer and ...

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Making the World Safe for Typography

Typography is an art and a tool. Good typography helps you read, learn, relax, and stay calm. Bad typography makes you want to cry ...

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From Movable Type to Type On the Move (But Where Is It Going?)

In the course of the twentieth century, several times designers have given outspoken views of typography and type design, often with strict regulations about ...

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Typeface as Visual Code (Typeface & Nationalism)

Design can contain numerous levels of meaning that are believed to echo ancient traditions or to be deeply woven in the ethnic makeup or ...

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Transmission of Formal Typography Into the Vernacular

Whether it is Windsong, Y Knot, Wildfire, or Wet Spot, a boat name has a story to tell. And, the typeface chosen for that ...

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The Writing of Graphic Design History in Turkey – Notes

With this presentation, graphic designer, academic and editor Ömer Durmaz – who collects documents from past to present traces of graphic design in Turkey ...

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Aldhabi: Adventures On the Way To Curls

Aldhabi is a new Perso-Arabic display typeface commissioned by Microsoft for inclusion in Windows 8. It represents the furtherance of display typography explorations begun ...

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