June 14-16, 2019

The 6th ISType conference is taking place under the theme of axis. We have invited 16 designers to discuss the organizing principles they employ in the formation of their type and letter design processes. What are the axes of their type design and research methodologies? Come and join us to discover all of this—and more!


June 14

Cem Eskinazi

Playgrounds: We are all playing a game.

Naïma Ben Ayed

Gravitating Around

Frederik Berlaen

Let the py touch your points...

Irin Kim & Thomas Jockin

Google Fonts: Digital Specimens & Lexend

Jeremy Mickel

adidas Variable Fonts

Aleksandra Samulenkova

Breeding ground for letters.

June 15

Peter Biľak

The Idea of Progress

Sahar Afshar

Muses, methods, and thereafter.

Taner Ardalı


Borna Izadpanah

The emergence of printing in Qajar Iran

Marina Chaccur

A type of perspective

Radek Sidun

Type design and typography studio in Prague

Gor Jihanian

Design space exploration

Just Van Rossum

Type, Code and Movement


June 16

Marina Chaccur

Drawing Words

Miriam Surányi

Start Your First Font in Glyphs

Erhan Olcay

Calligraphy | Neuland Lettering Exercises


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