Karel van der Waarde

Karel van der Waarde studied graphic design in the Netherlands (Eindhoven) and in the UK (Leicester, Reading). He received his doctorate in 1994 for a study about patient package inserts. In 1995, he started a consultancy in Belgium specializing in the testing of information design. Most of the projects are related to information about medicines for patients, doctors and pharmacists.

Avans Hogeschool (Breda, The Netherlands) has appointed him as professor in Visual Rhetoric in 2006 to investigate the development and use of visual communication. Karel van der Waarde frequently publishes and lectures about visual information. He is moderator of the InfoDesign and InfoDesign-Cafe discussion lists.

Van der Waarde is a life-Fellow of the Communications Research Institute (Australia), a board member of International Institute for Information Design (IIID, Austria) and editorial board member of Information Design Journal, Iridescent, the Poster and Visible Language.