Gerry Leonidas

Gerry Leonidas started working at exactly the time desktop computers began to disrupt the design and printing industry, while gathering qualifications of mostly peripheral relevance. In 1994 he found a home in the Department of Typography at the University of Reading, England, where he teaches typography and typeface design. Since 2001 he has been running the MA Typeface Design programme, a model for the transformation of typographic studies world-wide.

Gerry has been contributing to Greek typeface design projects for over fifteen years, with foundries of all sizes: Adobe, Bitstream, Farnhill, H&F-J, Microsoft, Monotype, Rosetta, Tankard, Tiro, and may others. His perspective is one of placing typography in a wider context, and helping develop in designers an understanding of the basic principles, and an insight into the potential for originality. He is frequently invited to speak, teach, and review the work of others.

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